Perform the abseil in safe surroundings while feeling the force of gravity. We descend from ropes securely anchored at the top of the mountain wall, allowing you to experience a controlled descent surrounded by the majestic sea and the mountain base beneath your feet.

Feel the adrenaline surge

Embark on an adventurous journey as you lean out from the top of a cliffside, soaking in the breathtaking view as you descend towards the sea and the mountains below. Rappelling is a thrilling activity that comes with a guide and all the necessary equipment, requiring no prior experience. The entire experience lasts approximately an hour, and you'll be in safe and seasoned hands throughout.

Reach out for an offer

Abseiling is an experience suitable for both small and large groups. If you're a group of more than six people, we're happy to cater to your needs. We can arrange transportation either by land or water, including thrilling RIB boat rides, as well as provide delicious food and drinks for you to enjoy either on the cliffside or at the summit. We're here to craft the perfect experience for you, so get in touch with us to plan an unforgettable day of abseiling!