Rampen Via Ferrata

An unforgettable climb up the mountainside with the sea roaring beneath your feet.

Discover the adventure

Explore the exciting world of via ferrata - a unique climbing experience that takes you on an unforgettable journey up the mountain wall, secured by sturdy ladders, bridges, and mountain anchors. Whether you are an experienced climber or a beginner, our routes offer you the opportunity to challenge yourself, experience the feeling of accomplishment, and enjoy stunning panoramic views. Engage in a safe and captivating activity suitable for everyone - Rampen Via Ferrata awaits you!

Unique climbing routes

Rampen offers three fantastic climbing routes that take you on a richly experiential journey up the mountain. Our two main routes, the Viking Wall and the Overhang, offer unparalleled views and enjoyable climbing, each with their own distinctive challenges. For the ultimate adventure experience, you can take our combination route, the Rampen Route, which includes both main routes and an exciting rappel that links them together. Choose your favorite route and ascend our impressive mountain walls with expert guidance.

Safe and exciting

Climbing the via ferrata at Rampen is a spectacular and safe experience. All tours are conducted with a guide who has extensive climbing experience. We adjust the pace to the group so that everyone can take in the surroundings and impressions, and have a unique experience together.


Larger groups

Are you looking to plan a special experience for a larger group? With us, we offer tailor-made adventures that take you on an unforgettable journey through the majestic nature surrounding Bodø. Whether you're an adventurous group of friends, a family, or a company seeking a unique experience, our experienced team will ensure that you get a customized experience perfectly suited to your needs and desires.