Safety Rules

Our focus is to provide great experiences in a safe environment. Please read our safety guidelines carefully before booking a trip.

  1. Safety Training
    It is strictly prohibited to use Rampen Via Ferrata without having completed safety training and fully understood all the rules. You must participate in both practical and theoretical training before you can climb. It is your responsibility to follow all instructions and rules meticulously.
  2. Equipment Use
    Safety equipment must be used as per the given instructions. The harness should always be securely fastened; if you're uncertain about its fit, ask for assistance. Wear a helmet during the descent for added safety. After completing the climb, return all safety gear.
  3. Age Restrictions
    Climbing is permitted for individuals over 10 years old. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult, and those under 18 need consent from a guardian or parent before climbing. All participants must weigh over 40 kg.
  4. Registration
    It's mandatory to register and sign a waiver before climbing. If there are underage participants, guardians should explain the rules to them.
  5. Hazards and Risks Climbing on Rampen Via Ferrata entails inherent risks. Move calmly and deliberately throughout the journey, assessing each step for increased safety.
  6. Supervision and Responsibility
    Every participant is responsible for their safety. For underage participants, the guardian or parent is responsible for both their safety and the child's. An adult should closely accompany the minor during the entire climb.
  7. Use of Wire
    Always use the wire when available, ensuring carabiners are attached and locked correctly. Fasten the carabiners in opposite directions to avoid unintentional misconnections.
  8. Spacing and Positioning
    Maintain a safe distance from the climber ahead, especially in high-risk areas. Allow at least a one eyebolt distance between each participant. If climbing with a minor, you can stay slightly closer.
  9. Overtaking Other Climbers
    Pass other participants cautiously and with communication on flat areas. Do not detach from the wire during the process.
  10. Beware of Loose Objects Stay vigilant about loose items like water bottles, phones, cameras, backpacks, and loose rocks. They can pose a danger to yourself and those below.

Climbing Restrictions

Persons with mental or physical conditions that may endanger themselves or others are not allowed to climb on Rampen Via Ferrata. Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs are also prohibited. Pregnant individuals, those with epilepsy, back and/or neck injuries, or heart problems should consult a physician before considering the climb.


  • Rampen is not responsible for valuables lost during the climb, descent, or misplaced from vehicles, bikes, etc.
  • Rampen reserves the right to close the climbing route due to safety reasons, such as adverse weather conditions or maintenance.

We recommend using rubber-coated gloves for better grip and protection against the wire. These gloves can be purchased from us.